Way to You

Weaving through wanderlust.

Of long distance loves and faraway friends. A collection commemorating all the places we would have otherwise been and the faces we would have seen. This is for the wayfarers and wanderers, a little piece of scenery until the time that we may once more set foot in foreign lands.

Wear your heart on your sleeve and wanderlust on your scarf with design inspirations from the mystical charm of Bali, the expansive natural beauty of Arizona, and who can ignore the intimacy of Paris?

Each piece is specially scented to take you on an olfactory journey reminiscent of your destination.


A soft gentle breeze;
like the lightness of being,
caresses your skin.

Zephyr, which means a gentle wind or any delicate lightweight fabric is the word that anchors this collection. This collection is an ode to appreciating life’s little pleasures and temporary encounters, even if they’re fleeting like a gust of wind. Each design is accompanied by a haiku inspired from this theme, similar to the one above. Printed on satin silk, soft to the touch and easy to style.

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Bali, Arizona & Paris


Breeze, Bright & Bold